Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring

As an employer, I wanted to issue smartphones to some of my employees help them in their jobs. However, I also know that there are risks to doing this because of the potential for security breaches, time wasting on social networking sites such as WhatsApp, and going overboard on the sensitive business information that they might share.

I have a plumbing contracting business and I needed to supply my estimators with smartphones so that they could conduct business with clients. As you will see, I used Employee monitoring software to ward off the potential dangers that come with employee-issued smartphones.

The Risks

Here are some of the risks that I knew I would be exposed to when I purchased business smartphones for my employees.

  • Downloading applications that contain viruses or malware
  • Not setting passwords on the entry screen
  • Apps lacking on their smartphones to facilitate security
  • Getting behind on app updates
  • Sharing too much with friends who work for competitors

Going over this list convinced me without a doubt that I needed a spy software running on their smartphones. Calling it spy software is a bit misleading because it does so much more than just monitor an employee’s activity using this social networking app as you will see.

Avoiding Headaches for My Technical Support

I have one employee who helps me with the technical support of the company’s computers as well as its smartphones. Can you imagine if my employees were allowed to install any software they wanted to on their devices? It would open the door to any viruses and malware that could be embedded in one of those apps.

With the particular brand of Employee monitoring software that I purchased, an inventory of all apps that reside on the smartphone is sent to my secure subscriber control panel where my technical employee can see if there is anything that shouldn’t be there. Furthermore, he can restrict access to it until it is physically removed from the device.

The Lost Phone

There is no denying the risk of an employee losing his company-issued smartphone. As a matter of policy, I have my employees install a password on their devices when they receive them. This is just good practice even if there is no Monitoring software running on a device. This way, if the smartphone is lost or stolen, the stranger picking it up cannot get past the first screen.

The employee monitoring software that I purchased to run on my employees’ smartphones did much more when it came to the recovery of a lost or stolen smartphone. It happened to one of my employees.

One of my employees lost his smartphone and because of the software I was able to get its GPS coordinates. This is because the software reports back the location of the phone at all times. This is helpful to rule out that the employee had not just misplaced it at the site.


I called the phone but no one picked it up (a typical scenario). However, with the particular brand of spy software I could issue an SMS command to lock the smartphone and wipe its contents clean after I determined it was irrecoverable.

It is obvious to me that employee monitoring software is crucial for protecting all business assets when it comes to issuing employees smartphones. I am quite pleased with it and it gives me peace of mind every day.